I’m Back……In a Way.

Finding myself missing blogging. Missing the interaction with strangers who become associates, with readers who become teachers and with friends who become even closer to me.

I’ve been “breaking” from my business for a little while now, to rediscover my passions in life. Passions other than those in work. I’ve been able to spend more time with my family, enjoy my work-work (which I couldn’t do while I was writing so much for Little Red) and I’ve started to work on giving my life a kind of makeover.

Events of the last year have lead me to confirm where I want to go in life and who I want with me along the way. I want to keep writing, but I want it to be fun. I want to keep reading, and read a lot more than I ever have. 

I set a bucket list about 4 years ago and not enough has been achieved up to this point in time as life has really gotten in the way! So I’ve really come to understand that my life and the events that make it wonderful or disastrous are totally up to me and the decisions I make.

The first decision I’ve made is that I’ll continue to rest from Little Red until further notice. That “further notice” could be months, weeks or days. When I’m ready, I’ll be back. The second and more exciting decision I’ve made is that I need to start conquering my bucket list items. So I’ve started my book.

Book? Yep, MY book. I’m going to write about my life, my beliefs and my dreams and it will be dedicated and written for my two children. The reasons why I have decided to do this will be revealed in the Preface, which I hope to release in the next two months.

So if you’d like to read an interesting tale about a 32 year old Mum, nurse, writer and dreamer, stay tuned. I’ll be revealing excerpts along the way and I’m looking to my Little Red followers for feedback. After all, you’ve stayed with me for this long, wouldn’t want to end the friendship now!

I’m really happy to be moving into this reflective phase of my life and I want you all to remember that we only get one chance at life and it’d be sorrowful to leave the Earth with regrets. If you want it, go for it!



100 Cures for Blogger’s Block- Part 3! Finale from Little Red Writing Solutions


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Thanks for all of your supportive comments, I appreciate the love you share!

Lauren Jeffery

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100 Cures for Blogger’s Block- Part 2!

100 Cures for Writer’s Block_2

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How we can add to this list?

My Biggest Start-Up Mistake

If there’s one thing I wish I was told before I announced my small business dream to the world, it would’ve been “take your time”.

I in no way rushed into my business planning and development, in fact I spent countless days and weeks wondering how, what, when, where and most importantly why I needed to follow this dream.

But still, in the first few weeks, I got caught up in taking so much advice on board, that I basically stopped listening to my instincts.

These few words sum up the “struggle” I faced in my first few weeks. I forgot I needed a decent amount of sleep. As soon as my kids went to bed, I went hammer and tong into research, business development, networking and didn’t get much actual writing done. And writing is what I do. I forgot that.

My health began to suffer {thanks to the lack of sufficiently deep sleep} and all I could think of when I was at my paid job was “what should I be researching now” or “who should I contact next” or “which seminar would be more beneficial to attend”.

I was trying to do too much at once. It’s always been one of my downfalls and it was my biggest start-up mistake. My writing process was messy and needed refining. There was too many ideas to put into practice, floating around in my head. My head was like a blender grinding with the lid off.


Slowly, my belief in my abilities as a writer and as a fledgling businesswoman grew. I’ll always be developing my service and my skills to enhance my business and my relationships but taking a breather, taking a step back and slowing down really, REALLY helped.

I complete one task before I start another. I take time out. Stress is kept to a minimum. It feels good because I’ve really learned a lot from my clients, prospective clients and colleagues, my family and my friends. Most importantly, I’ve come to expect only my best from myself, nothing more. That’s all anyone can give.

If I could give new business owners one piece of advice, it would be take your time and ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER.



Ten Reasons Why Being a Writer is the Best

  1. I can’t lose my job because I work for myself!
  2. I can learn new words every day, it’s like I’m an excited little girl in primary school again. In fact, I’m ALWAYS learning new things
  3. My writing time is flexible
  4. My work doesn’t feel like work. Instead my work should read my “work”. That’s how little like work-work it actually feels
  5. I’m a big talker so I never really feel lost for words. If people don’t want to listen to me, I can always write it all down!
  6. I meet new people every day and learn about different trades and industries
  7. Nothing else feels so right as a career choice
  8. I make ideas come to life
  9. I encourage people to think before they act
  10. It’s something I could do (and will do) every day for the rest of my life



Do you really love your job? Have you found your dream job?

Little Red’s Top Ten Text Tips for Small Business

  1. Make your point quickly and move on
  2. Know your grammatical rules- know the difference between nouns and verbs
  3. Become friends with spell check
  4. For every sentence you write, write it only once. then proof read it twice.
  5. Switch it up between formal, semi-formal and informal language
  6. Make sure your words have a purpose and encourage the reader to act
  7. Use logic- simplicity, structure
  8. Your text should be easy to read, thanks to bullet points, headings and paragraphs
  9. Did I mention proof reading? Proof read for a third and final time
  10. If you can’t get it right, hire someone who can.

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10 Facts About Me {Lauren from Little Red Writing Solutions} that you surely didn’t know.

  1. I’m addicted to Coke Zero {but drink in moderation}- feels like it’s the only thing that cures my thirst!
  2. I keep a journal and have recently started to publish it online- no secrets when it comes to me.
  3. I am totally into anything 80’s right now. Roller skates, the Labyrinth {Bowie, Dance Magic and Hoggle!}, neon brights, Cabbage Patch Kids {for my tiny princess, not me!} to name a few
  4. I’m seriously contemplating becoming vegetarian
  5. I’m creating my own website for Little Red. Yes, I’m not employing anyone else, it’s all up to me! {to be launched soon!}
  6. I am sceptical {and quite nervous} about seeing a Medium but I’m going to try it out {how do I know if they are good or not? Is good even the right word to use there?}
  7. I sing really loudly when I’m by myself- I pretend I’m professional. And it feels good!
  8. I love colouring in- ahhhhhh, stress relief.
  9. My short term personal writing goal is to publish a book for my children- illustrations and all.
  10. I’m allergic to mosquito bites- very allergic. I won’t post pics to show you how allergic I am, that’s how allergic I am. It’s horrifying. Tiny vampires they are!


(just in case you didn’t know. it is crucial social knowledge!)

Now your turn. Tell me one odd fact about yourself. It has to be odd, or something you think other people would believe to be unusual.

Lauren @LittleRed


I Can’t Live Without My….

There are some things in life, and I’m not necessarily talking luxuries here, that people can’t live without. There are obsessions and addictions, where people believe they couldn’t possibly breathe another breath without the object/person etc in question.

My list encompasses much less daunting things. Some people may not care for my favourites. If you do, we have something in common. If you don’t, you are probably in the 99% of the world’s population.

I love, and can’t live without, these things and people:

  1. I have to say my family first- they paid me a lot of money to do so
  2. music and my Sennheiser mega headphones
  3. Schweppes Creamy Soda
  4. {Quality} Stand-Up
  5. the chance to go shopping for adult things- and no, I don’t mean what you are thinking. I’m a lady. I mean items that are not of the Fisher Price, Barbie, Trash Pack, Hot Wheels or Lego varieties
  6. my senses- hey, everyone needs this, but I think I’m one of those tactile, sensitive human beings who really focuses on sights, scents and touch for memory purposes. it’s awesome to say the least.
  7. my memory- apart from allowing me to hold down my {hectic} job, I need this to relive my childhood, teenage years and the years I’ve lost to Pregnancy and Baby Brain
  8. my phone- I love talking. And taking semi-artistic pictures. And playing games on my phone help me nod off to sleep!
  9. my friends- who else keeps me from going bonkers?
  10. my writing- for all those times when people have had enough of me talk!

What can’t you live without? Have you tried going without these things?



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