I’m Back……In a Way.

Finding myself missing blogging. Missing the interaction with strangers who become associates, with readers who become teachers and with friends who become even closer to me.

I’ve been “breaking” from my business for a little while now, to rediscover my passions in life. Passions other than those in work. I’ve been able to spend more time with my family, enjoy my work-work (which I couldn’t do while I was writing so much for Little Red) and I’ve started to work on giving my life a kind of makeover.

Events of the last year have lead me to confirm where I want to go in life and who I want with me along the way. I want to keep writing, but I want it to be fun. I want to keep reading, and read a lot more than I ever have. 

I set a bucket list about 4 years ago and not enough has been achieved up to this point in time as life has really gotten in the way! So I’ve really come to understand that my life and the events that make it wonderful or disastrous are totally up to me and the decisions I make.

The first decision I’ve made is that I’ll continue to rest from Little Red until further notice. That “further notice” could be months, weeks or days. When I’m ready, I’ll be back. The second and more exciting decision I’ve made is that I need to start conquering my bucket list items. So I’ve started my book.

Book? Yep, MY book. I’m going to write about my life, my beliefs and my dreams and it will be dedicated and written for my two children. The reasons why I have decided to do this will be revealed in the Preface, which I hope to release in the next two months.

So if you’d like to read an interesting tale about a 32 year old Mum, nurse, writer and dreamer, stay tuned. I’ll be revealing excerpts along the way and I’m looking to my Little Red followers for feedback. After all, you’ve stayed with me for this long, wouldn’t want to end the friendship now!

I’m really happy to be moving into this reflective phase of my life and I want you all to remember that we only get one chance at life and it’d be sorrowful to leave the Earth with regrets. If you want it, go for it!



It’s Not Always Easy Peasy.

I’ve been in my own little world, without notepads and pens, without the responsibility of working on my own business for a few weeks now and I must say, the break I’m on is UH-MAY-ZING. I must’ve really needed the time off.

I still don’t know where Little Red is headed at the moment and that’s totally okay with me. I’ve got so much to focus on right now and I’m occupied. My worry is that when I step back into the big wide world of small business, I will be back to square one. I don’t want to lag behind, I don’t want to forget all I’ve learned.

So much in small business is changing and I can see the progress Australian small business owners are making every day. It’s so heartwarming when you read an update proclaiming some happy news. 

For now though, I’m happy to watch the world of small business unfold in front of me and enjoy this time I needed to take to focus on what has been those most important thing in my life all along- my family.

 Don’t go away though, I’ll still be here and still want to read how you all are doing. Make me smile, make me cry, just keep me in your business and writing loops.

Enjoy every moment, promise me?

The Greatest Lessons Life Threw At Me

If I was to pass on today, these lessons are what I treasured so much in life.

Believe in yourself, as not many others will take the time to.

Don’t worry about what you can’t change.

Think before you speak.

Always be who you are and never be ashamed of who you are.

Stop trying to please people, just live.

Family is everything and nothing else matters.

Stop before you burn out.

Be proud in every achievement you make, no matter how small.

Don’t ever forget where you came from. It shapes where you’re going.

Never go to sleep angry. Or Hungry.

Don’t push yourself to the brink or burnout. No one can pull you out of there but yourself.

Be a good planner, have a goal and work on small tasks one at a time.

Which strings of words spark your fire?

My Little Secret- Shhhhh

So I announced on Facebook that I’d be sharing a secret of mine on the blog today. Most wouldn’t find it that intriguing or exciting but as it’s a weight busting my shoulders to pieces, I thought I’d share.

As my followers would know, I’m a copywriter and Mum. What you might not know (unless you read my very early posts quite thoroughly) is that I’m also a Registered Nurse. I started nursing in 2001 and in that time, have gained a wealth of experience. I always felt drawn to nursing, in the same way that I love writing and what it does for my soul.

So my secret is, I think I’m at a crossroads and want to give Nursing away. I studied so hard to get where I ended up and I’m getting down on myself about that. But I think I’ve lost a bit of love for the profession that once I only had eyes and a heart for. 

I want to write full time until I finish my current Masters program and then beyond. How do I do that?! Do I have the guts to take that leap and work for myself? Scary. Very scary.

That’s my secret. I’m scared and I’m confused but for pretty exciting reasons.

Can you give me any tips on how I come to make the right decision for me and for my family? Do I listen to my brain which tells me to go back to Oncology or my heart, which tells me that writing is it and a bit…… help!