5 Things Your Business Needs This Year

1. A speedy, crisply elegant website designed with an easy-to-use shopping cart, blog plugin and examples of your work

2. A finely articulated collection of branding images and messages

3. A variety of easy to access, regularly updated social media platforms that are INDUSTRY APPROPRIATE

4. A voice on current issues, trends and the future of your chosen industry

5. Creative, informative and unique content in all aspects of your business!

Little Red Goes Red for Heart Week


I lost my precious Mum to undetected heart failure on April 28th last year. In her honour, I am raising funds for the Australian Heart Foundation and would love to get supporters showing their hearts on May 6th this year (also happens to be my birthday!)

I’d love to see a sea of pictures of people wearing something red on the day, it would make my day. Post them to my Facebook page on May 6thImage

Heart disease remains the number one killer of Australians and is a significant part of my DNA.

I’d appreciate if you or your company could head to my Supporter Page and spare some change to raise awareness for Heart Disease. It would mean so much to me and my mum would be stoked.


You can find the link below.

Show your heart!



Why Social Media Isn’t The Be-All & End-All in Small Business

Social media is pretty cool. When I was a kid in the ’80s, social media came in the form of taking polaroid photos out in the street and having your friends pin pics of you up on their bedroom wall. Or I bought a “Girlfriend” or “Dolly” magazine to find out the latest celebrity goss. God help me…..


(Image courtesy of robotchile.com)

Now, we can tell everyone what we are doing, at the time of doing it,from exactly where we are and how and some people really want to know this. Some people thrive on “spying” on what others are up to. The instantaneous nature of social media sharing is probably one of the most profound phenomenons of my time. At the ripe old age of 31 years, that’s a lonnnnnnng time right?

We can send instant messages, we can repin, tweet, google+ and link up in networks.We can join private, secluded groups, we can blog, we can email and chat online. Business life has certainly been made a lot easier in many respects. Time management and information sharing are the biggest winners in the age of social media (Sorry Australia Post, but your snail mail is just not cutting the mustard anymore!)


(image courtesy of thebookclubblog.co.za)

Sorry Aus Post, but this snail delivers faster mail than you. And with a smile on his tiny slimy snail face.

I know my father (bless his beautifully daggy soul) would be so into iPads, tablets, Skype, Wifi, and all the gadgetry that has come about over the past 10 years. Gadgetry has literally changed life as we know it. I now can strangely say I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone and or a tablet. Even laptops are becoming a bit mehhhh.

In a lot of ways, social media is really “sharing” rather than being typically social. Yeah, you can interact with people, even strangers, but as I remember it, being social was going out and meeting people, spending time with people you know and sharing face to face.


(Image courtesy of http://english.alarabiya.net)

Are you one of these “phonies”?

I think social media has given people a sense of confidence to hide behind a screen or smartphone and proudly boast about their business successes which is great, good on them. But could they brag in real life? Do they have what it takes to network in a room full of strangers? Could they stand up in front of a crowd and tell people why they are better than the rest? And how they can solve the problems of the world’s business-minded folk?  And why you should “befriend” them and “like their page”?

I’m a big talker. In fact, I’m known to dabble a bit in waffling and or gasbagging from time to time. I think talking and sharing face to face can create so much more of an impact than sharing images and business tips online (I do this, I know). But being able to “talk the walk and walk the walk” seems so much more amazing than “sharing, commenting, liking, tweeting, repinning and status updating”. And there’s nothing like having a few community connections here and there, don’t forget “it’s who you know, not what you know”.

I just want to chat, have a cuppa, receive some good advice, have a laugh, take some notes (because I know some UH-MAY-ZING entrepreneurs) and really get to know people in business. I want people to know who I am first, and what I do for a living second.

Face to Face over Face-to-Facebook any day.

Just my humble opinion.

Does your job make you THIS happy?



What are some of the reasons why people aren’t working in their dream industry in their dream position?

Nursing was only one of my dreams which occasionally floats off into the background. Writing is my passion because it really consumes me.

When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing!

What’s stopping you from living your dream?

Happy Face Project- {Small} Office Space Design- Thanks Pinterest!

If you’re anything like me, you spend a large portion of your time on social media, looking at images, commenting, engaging and reading.

Pinterest is by far one of my favourite platforms.

Why? The ideas people post are so inspiring! I can spend so much time looking through design posts, laughing at jokes, pondering the quotes people repin and be spurred onto to recreate something I’ve seen, even if it’s not quite the same as the original. Saving all the links that come with my favourite pins is so easy. Time is never wasted browsing on Pinterest!

Getting back to this post {so distracted by my over 3200 pins!} I’ve been working on how to make a small part of my bedroom into a workspace for myself. I want it to be a place I can sit and write in peace, think quietly and study {yes, I’m venturing back into study, God help me}. I want it to be a clean area, free of clutter and I want it to be a tiny place just for me.

Here are my favourite “pins” re: “small home office ideas” {this was my search term on Pinterest}


(image courtesy of houzz.com)


Image courtesy of hitta-hem.blogspot.se



image courtesy of cozycottagecute.com


Image courtesy of hgtv.com


Image courtesy of latricedesign.com


I’d love to see pictures of your home office or workspace, even if it’s out in your backyard!


RIP Charlotte Dawson


(Image courtesy of thehothits.com)


TV Presenter and former model Charlotte Dawson passed away yesterday. Presumably through taking her own life.

She made it clear to the public after a public Twitter battle with no-brainer “trolls” that she was fighting mental illness and had been for a very long time.

With this, I want to raise awareness of a number of things. 

It is not okay to bully through any medium, through a thrid party or in person.

Having a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

View mental illness as a chronic disease and you’ll have a more solid understanding of what life is like when you are struggling with panic, anxiety, depression or many more mental health conditions.

Asking for help is sometimes not as easy as people make out.

My Father once said on the sensitive subject of suicide “Until you feel so low, you cannot judge another for attempting suicide or even succeeding. You are not thinking of others, you just can’t see a way through your pain”.

This will stick with me forever.

Do not judge others, it’s never okay.

RIP Miss Dawson


If you are able to ask for help, for yourself or for someone you care about, head to

Beyond Blue

or call 13 11 14 (Australian Residents)

to speak to someone at